BridgeCom 220MHz 1.25m Repeater Package

$ 4,100.00

Is your club, group or community using 220MHz? Do you have members asking for a 220 repeater? Should you have a 220 repeater on the air, and if I built it will they use it? 

The BCR-220 Repeater package can make you the hero of your club with a complete package to get on 220, 1.25m. Add the band for use with your ARES/RACES, Public Service, Storm Spotting, Rag Chew, or back up for your EmComm and EOC. With your new BCR-220 Repeater Package you will be proud to help your community. 

BridgeCom Systems can be your one stop shop for your amateur ham radio club repeater purchase. The package will be programmed and ready for installation. Folks, it doesn't get much easier than this!  The best part, you get it all at with a Package Discount!

Package Includes:

  • BCR-220 Repeater
  • Repeater Programming Kit: Software and cable
  • BridgeCom BCD-220 or TXRX Duplexer
  • 100' 1/2" Heliax Feed Line
  • Tram Browning Fiberglass Base Antenna
  • Qty: 10 BCH-220 Handhelds by BridgeCom Systems and a Programming Cable
  • Also available BCM-220 mobile radio
  • Add a Henry PA and Power Supply from the drop down if you need more Power

Do you need an item not listed or an item subtracted? Give us a call with your requirement for a custom quote. 

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