BridgeCom 220MHz 1.25m Repeater Package

$ 4,100.00 $ 5,330.00

BridgeCom Systems can be your one stop shop for your amateur ham radio club repeater purchase. At the heart of the VHF package is our BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 repeater rated at 30W continuous duty. Then we added a BridgeCom BCD-220 or TXRX duplexer, 100' LMR 400 feed line, fiberglass antenna, and 10 BridgeCom Systems BCH-220 Handheld radios.  The package will be programmed and ready for installation. Folks, it doesn't get much easier than this!  The best part, you get it all at with a Package Discount!

Package Includes:

  • BCR-220 Repeater
  • Repeater Programming Kit: Software and cable
  • BridgeCom BCD-220 or TXRX Duplexer
  • 100' LMR 400 Feed Line
  • Tram Browning Fiberglass Base Antenna
  • Qty: 10 BCH-220 Handhelds by BridgeCom Systems and Programming Cable
  • Also available BCM-220 mobile radio
  • Add a Henry PA and Power Supply from the drop down if you need more Power

Do you need an item not listed or an item subtracted? Give us a call with your requirement for a custom quote. 

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