AnyTone Q8 Bluetooth Earpiece

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Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Earpiece

Compatible with the following AnyTone Radios:

  • AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus Handheld Radio

  • AnyTone AT-D578UVIIIPRO Mobile Radio

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Norris
Q8 bluetooth

It was so easy to setup and pair with my Anytone AT878UV Plus and the quality of the audio on transmit and receive is fantastic.

Bob Norris
Q8 - Multi-use Headset

I finally took the plunge and purchased the Q8 headset for my AnyTone 878UV. It is rather easy to operate. First issue is step 2. At least with my headset, the rotation of the microphone rod, as it is called, is the opposite direction and is definitely counter intuitive. Once noted it was just an inconvenience. Next was turning the Q8 on. If you have it on you can't see the blinking lights referred to in step 3.1.1. Also need to note, that with mine, press and hold for two seconds got the headset to turn on; at least that is what the voice indicated. come to find out if I just held the button for two more seconds it said headset was in pairing mode. 3.1.2 went as shown in the instructions.

And since the instructions indicate using the headset with a cellphone was possible, I just had to try it. So, as indicated, I turned off the 878. I also turned off the headset. I went into Settings and Bluetooth on my phone. I turned on the headset, holding the button until I heard "headset pairing". On my phone I pressed 'Pair new device'. Q8 showed and I selected it. Now I have both devices available with one headset.
My rating was not from the above but from the lack of adjustment and comfort. For myself, the length of the tube from the over the ear piece to the speaker/mic is to short and it makes it very uncomfortable to wear for very long. If it allowed for a variation of 8 to 10mm longer it would certainly help to make it a lot more comfortable. Yes, I would buy it again. YMMV

Jerry White
Q8 earpiece

I do not like the power on and PTT button being together

Wayne Mier
Q8 Bluetooth Earpiece

Excellent product and services, BridgeCom!

OK Earphone

It paired easily with my AnyTone AT-878UV, despite the lack of instructions. The sound quality from the microphone is acceptable.