AnyTone AT-D868UV

$ 169.99


"Purchasing from BridgeCom was the right choice because they provide excellent support resources via their website,... and they ship promptly. It is far wiser than dealing with a risky, unknown Amazon supplier. I'd recommend BridgeCom to others."

-Clayton C., AnyTone AT-D868UV Customer

AnyTone AT-D868UV dual band DMR/Analog radio

Stress-Free Customer Service and Support

Access to Our Exclusive Facebook Group

BridgeCom University AnyTone Training

3100 mAh Battery w/ Belt Clip

Charging Base and AC Adapter

Programming Cable and Software Download (Windows Only)

High Gain Dual Band Antenna

Two AnyTone Stickers

User's Manual and Quickstart Guide 

1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

W2XAB's Amateur Radio Guide to DMR

KD0PNQ's Complete AnyTone Programming Guide

2-3 Day Shipping

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Gregory Pioppi
Well built handheld

The build gives a solid feel. It is nice that it comes with the programing cable and the software is free. Once you get the hang of the programing process, it is smooth sailing. Plenty of support from Bridgecom and other places around the web.
Receive audio is excelent and the display gives you plenty of easy to read info.

Ryan Churchill
Good budget radio

I’m still new to dmr and learning the ropes. However, the Brindgecom University Course has helped me get started.

Doug Person
Nice, rugged and flexible hand-held

I bought the AnyTone 868 having no experience with DMR. The AnyTone was highly recommended by a friend so I dove in. DMR is very complicated for a new user and so is understanding how to program this type of radio. The documentation and videos provided by BridgeCom mad all the difference. I learned how to program the radio and learned what DMR is. It's a fascinating new world for an old timer like myself. After 59 years in Ham Radio it was exciting to find something new and different. After learning how to setup a HotSpot and working my way through the complex process of programming the 868, I was blown away by the capabilities of DMR. I went for the 868 due to budget constraints and to some degree out of fear that DMR would not be something I would enjoy. I'm still learning some of the finer details. The 868 is now a joy to operate. Once I got passed the earning curve I found the 868 to be very intuitive and simple to operate. What I like most is the audio quality which is substantially better than other brands I've tried. Bottom line is I'm very pleased with the radio and feel I made a good decision buying it.

Shane Hale
Fantastic Radio

Very straightforward and easy to use.

David Turner
Great radio

Anytone uv 868 is the best radio that I would recommend to anyone who wants the best of both worlds
Analog and DMR wise