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🌞 Soak Up the Sun with Weekly Summer Deals Starting July 9th! >> 🌞

1 Year Warranty

Free $97 Course

Have questions? Give us a call! (816) 532-8451

30 Minute Advanced Tech Call

A 30-minute phone call with one of our experienced radio Techs to answer any questions you have, and resolve any issues you might have experienced.

- Discussing the CPS (customer programming software)
- Questions regarding codeplugs
- Radio operations how to navigate the radio and change settings
- Questions regarding DMR & DMR networks. How is DMR different than analog?
- Over the phone Programming Assistance

NOTE: Advanced Tech Calls cover the 578 and 868/878/878UVII series of radios from AnyTone. Programming of your local repeaters are not covered by this service.

*Any Codeplugs that are created during an Advanced Tech Call, for pending sale will not be released until that order is completed. If the sale is not completed, the codeplug(s) will remain the property of BridgeCom Systems.

**Any Codeplug created during an Advanced Tech Call, is "AS-IS" and without warranty. Codeplugs are intellectual property of BridgeCom Systems.

Please review our return policy here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Direct and straightforward advice which solved my problem and helped me look at the organization of the radio code plug differently

Harold Williams

It was great I got a good tech that stayed until he solved my problem. He showed me what good service and what a great company he represents.

Thanks to him I am on the air.
Harold Williams


Jeremiah was excellent with his knowledge and expertise. Unfortunately I’m still having some operating issues and most likely will book another 1/2 appt soon. He certainly got me off on the right foot.

Carlton Severance
Quality Customer Service!

I scheduled the call because I am visually impaired and was having trouble programming my Anytone 878UVIIplus radio. The technician was extremely patient, sensitive to my needs, and competent in helping me with the programming. So many companies don't offer anything like this quality of customer service. Discovering that BridgeCom does will keep me coming back.
Well done!

Robert Chatham
Time well spent

Over a 30-minute phone call, Jeremiah led me through the firmware update process for my 878. I had been unable to get the right update file to load into the update screen. He worked some fast magic and got me over that hurdle and enabled me to complete the update successfully. He also fixed a problem that I had with my radio which was slowing my ability to get on the air. The bottom line is that the time spent resulted in my being able to update my radio and get back on the air sooner than I expected. I’m really pleased about that.