Meet our Sales Team:


Cody Cameron, W3AMG

Sales Manager

 "I’m a young entrepreneur that left college to pursue my career in sales and marketing. I love to work, and with a passion for success, I strive to produce quality and precision under any situation. I’ve worked with video content for years such as growing a YouTube channel to over 3 million views. Because I love to help people, I put these two passions together to provide the best customer experience at BridgeCom. My mission is to help you find the best product at the best price and make YOU successful!"




Eric Zellar

Sales Representative

"Hi! My name is Eric, and I am a member of the sales team here at BridgeCom Systems. I strive to help our customers find the perfect product. I do my best to answer questions and if I don’t know the answer I’ll go searching for one. My goal is for all of our customers to leave with a smile on their face!

In my free time I love to make videos. One of my passions is to make an experience through the use of creative video storytelling. Beyond that I enjoy listening to music with one of my favorite genres being electronic music. I also like spending time with my family and have 4 brothers and 3 sisters."