Meet our Leadership Team:

Ron Kochanowicz, KCØQVT




Daniel Kochanowicz, NØREY

Director Of Operations 

"My role is to organize and lead the team and to decide and push the projects that drive the company to serve our customers better. I joined the business on the ground floor fresh out of high school when we only had 5 people in the company including myself. I have done every job from shipping, to customer service, sales, marketing and tech support. I have helped the company grow to its current level by finding the right team members to work with and providing excellent products and services to you, our customers.

I am very extroverted and love being around and working with people, making projects happen and accomplishing goals. Outside of work I like being with my friends and family. I also enjoy fishing, camping and water-skiing. I look forward to serving you."



Elaine Kochanowicz

HR & Finance

"I run the accounting, HR, and generally help Ron with whatever paperwork he needs!  In short, I keep Ron from loosing his mind!  On the side, I'm also his wife :)  When I'm not working I run the house, 4 kids, homework, activities, etc... I lead a weekly homeschool co-op, hit the crossfit gym several times a week, play women's soccer, bike, run and have fun with the kids."