BridgeCom BCH-220 HT, BCM-220 Mobile, BCR-220 Repeater & BCD-220 Duplexer

BridgeCom Systems BCH-220 HT Radio

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BridgeCom Systems BCH-220 HT RadioIntroducing the new BCH-220 Handheld Radio for 1.25m 220 MHz. It's just what you need in a 220 MHz portable. The BCH-220 is small, durable, light weight and has excellent battery life. You can easily adjust the power from 5 watts down to 2 watts. It has 199 programmable channels to store all your favorites and it sounds great too. The BCH-220 fits nicely in the palm of your hand and has a bright easy to read LCD display. Make your next handheld radio a BCH-220! The BCH-220 includes a Battery, Antenna, Belt Clip, Charger Base and Wall Plug. Download programming software for Free. Programming cable sold separate. Other accessories available.


  • Rx 219-260 MHz Tx and 222.0-224.995
  • 5 Watts or 2 Watts
  • 199 Channels
  • LCD Display
  • DTMF Keypad
  • FREE Programming Software: Download from Support
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Included with the BCH-220: Desktop Charger and Wall Plug, Belt Clip, Wrist Strap

    Don't forget to select the programming cable from the drop-down menu above

    BCH-220 Owners Manual: Download from Support

    BCH-220 Spec Sheet

    BridgeCom Systems BCM-220 Mobile Radio

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    BridgeCom Systems BCM-220 Mobile RadioIntroducing the BCM-220 Mobile Radio by BridgeCom Systems, Inc. The BCM-220 operates in 220 MHz (1.25m) range of the RF Spectrum. The BCM-220 is packed with features including 30 watt Mitsubishi power amplifier, Alpha-Numeric Display, 4W Front Panel Speaker and 250 memory channels. Included in the package is the Radio, DTMF microphone, mounting hardware, and 12V power cord.  Don't forget to add the programming software and cable. Get on the 1.25m band today with a BCM-220. 


  • 222.0-224.995 MHz Rx and Tx, 219-220.0 MHz Data Only
  • High quality Mitsubishi RF Power Amplifier - 5W / 10W / 20W / 30W selectable
  • 250 Channel Capability
  • VFO and Memory Mode
  • High Quality ± 1.5 ppm Frequency Stability TCXO
  • Alpha-Numeric Dot Matrix Display
  • CTSS/DCSS Enc/Dec
  • DTMF Enc
  • UHF Female Antenna Connector
  • Wide and Narrow FM Modes
  • User Selectable Squelch Level
  • Rear Panel Accessory Port (DE-15)
  • VFO Scan and Memory Scan
  • Memory Store and Delete
  • 10W external Speaker output port

    Package includes: Radio, DTMF Microphone, Mounting Hardware, and 12V Power Cord. Additional accessories and programming kit sold separately.

    BCM-220 Spec Sheet

    BCM-220 Owner's Manual

    BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 Repeater

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    BCR-220 RepeaterThe BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 FM Repeater is built for amateur radio. It operates in 222-225 MHz range of the RF spectrum. The BCR Repeater is a feature rich repeater/base station packed with loads of RF power and dual fans to run cool in the harshest environments. It is an excellent choice if you're considering a 220 repeater for your club or personal use. It is also an excellent choice for A.R.E.S./R.A.C.E.S. operation, and emergency management. Get on the 1.25m band today with a built in the USA BCR-220 repeater.


  • 1.25m (222-225 MHz) - 30 Watts Continuous Duty
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • 2 - year warranty
  • Windows® Based Programmer (Sold Seperately)
  • Built-In 11.2A Power Supply
  • Battery Backup with Built-in Charging Circuit
  • Dual Cooling Fans
  • Front Panel Speaker
  • 25-pin Accessory Connector
  • Adjustable Squelch
  • 12.5 kHz/25 kHz Channel Spacing
  • Over-the-Air Programming and Maintenance via DTMF Tone Sequences
  • Built-in station CWID - Morse rate programmable 10-25 wpm
  • The MAX TX POWER when transmitting 30Watts is ~8 Amps
  • Quiescent draw is around ~250mA
  • FREE Initial Programming

    When you place your order please include Tx/Rx Frequency, PL Tone In/Out, Station ID, Desired Transmit Output Power within the Special Instructions during checkout. 

    BCR Repeater Owner's Manual

    BCR-220 Repeater Spec Sheet

    BridgeCom Systems BCD-220 Duplexer

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    BCD-220 DuplexerBridgeCom Systems BCD-220 utilizes six high-Q notch-type coaxial resonators with 2”-cross-section that results in small geometry advantages without compromising duplex isolation. Due to right material choice and temperature compensated design temperature stability has been achieved.

    The resonators are made of extruded aluminum passivated inside and outside with the galvanized steel chassis and PTFE insulation has been applied in the coaxial cables and in the connectors.


    • For 220 MHz Amateur Radio
    • Up to 150 W continuous input power
    • 85dB Isolation
    • Low Loss
    • Compact dimensions

    Lead time is generally 1-2 weeks. If you need something sooner contact us.

     BCD-220 Spec Sheet