Bluetooth Speaker Mic Quick Start Guide

Important Notes

  • Installing and using your new BT01 Display Microphone requires that the D578 radio be fully upgraded to the current software versions. This includes a special Bluetooth (BT) Firmware (FW) update on the D578 radio which can only be done using an Android phone and AnyTone Android BT Update FW.
  • If you want the BT01 to turn the D578 on and off, it is a setting in the CPS as Optional Setting -> BT -> BT Synchronization Shutdown Host = ON
  • If you need to update the FW or write a code plug you have to turn OFF BT Synchronization Shutdown Host and exit the BT01 mode

D578 Minimum Requirements

D578 V1 D578 V2
D578 FW Version D578UV_1.17 D578UVII_V2.04
D578 BT Android V10043 V10043
D578 BT APRS V1.06 V1.06
D578 SCT 3258 Base Band V2.01.07BF V2.01.07BF

BT01 Minimum Requirements

BT01 Display Mic
BT01 Virtual Com Driver V1.0.3
BT01 Firmaware Version BT FW V1.00h
BT01 Manual BT01 User Manual_221112
** Note: Once the BT01 microphone is put in the FW update mode you must complete the FW Update Write to prevent the BT01 microphone from staying in the Update Mode **

  1. In power off state, press and Hold both the PTT and PF3 keys, and power the microphone ON. You may see a non-relevant message on the display, but keep holding the 3 buttons until you get the blinking red light indicator.
  2. The red LED light should now be blinking. This indicates the microphone has entered into firmware update mode
  3. Use the USB cable to connect microphone to your PC
  4. Open the D578UV radio Computer Programming Software (CPS) and go to TOOLS > Firmware Update

    Notice: Sometimes the Firmware Update window does not come up on display, it is relating to Windows Permission. You can enter into the CPS installed folder to run the Firmware Update tool manually. Folder: D578UV_V1.16 -> Update -> QX_Firmware_Update.exe

  5. Select the Open File button and select the appropriate D578UV_HSBT.spi file in the FW Update folder
  6. Check and Set the Com Port that is correct for your PC connected to the microphone.
  7. Select the Write button to write the new FW to the microphone.

578 Bluetooth Speaker Mic Programming Fee

$ 60.00