AnyTone AT-D878UV/D878UVPLUS Support Page

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AT-D878UV/D878UVPLUS Frequently Asked Questions Page

How to Update the Firmware

The video below will instruct you on how to update the firmware in your AT-D878UV and AT-D878UV PLUS. The software and firmware download can be found below in the "Latest CPS Version Download" section beneath the video. If you don't want to update to the newest firmware, previous CPS version downloads are available at the bottom of the page.



Latest CPS Version Download


AT-D878UV CPS, Firmware, and Driver Update 1.13

(Previous CPS Version Downloads at Bottom of Page)



How to Update the Digital Contact List

The database of contacts at is updated often. This video will show you how to download the most current contact list as of this moment. 

Your AnyTone radio needs a CSV file to import. If you do NOT want to use NØGSG Contact Manager, then the only resource is the JSON to CSV Converter from AnyTone. Download the JSON file to your computer by right-clicking on the link and run it through the program (after you unzip the file).

NØGSG Contact Manager Software

AnyTone JSON to CSV Converter


Fixing the Band Error

Here is the factory software to change the Band Setting for those radios which the PTT and number 1 power-up will not work. This allows the user to set the band limits. USE THE "Commercial Europe" setting AND check the Band Extend box before writing.

AnyTone D878 SET 0 Software


BridgeCom University

If you purchased your AnyTone radio from BridgeCom Systems, you should've received a free subscription to BridgeCom University. This is our bank of tutorials made to show you how to perform numerous procedures on your AnyTone. If you run into a problem that we don't have a video for yet, email us at There is a high likeliness that other people have run into the same problem as you and we would love to get solutions to our customers so you can be successful. 

If you don't have a subscription to BridgeCom University, you are welcome to access the numerous tutorials on our YouTube page for FREE.


Helpful Guides

AnyTone Quick Start Guide

AT-D878UV Programming GUIDE V1.33

Band Error Fix Guide

A General Comparison of the AT-D868UV to the AT-D878UV


Previous CPS, Firmware, and Drive Update Downloads

AT-D878UV CPS, Firmware, and Driver Update 1.13


AT-D878UV CPS, Firmware, and Driver Update 1.12  (May 5, 2019) This restores the Wideband setting in the keypad entry for the ham bands

AT-D878UV CPS, Firmware, and Driver Update 1.11N (April 10-READ DOCUMENTATION IN FILE)

AT-D878UV CPS, Firmware, and Driver Update 1.11 (April 1, 2019)

AT-D878UV CPS Version 1.10

AT-D878UV CPS Version 1.09

AT-D878UV CPS and FIrmware Update 1.10 (Dec 30, 2018)

AT-D878UV CPS and Firmware version 1.09 (Dec 3, 2018)

AT-D878UV CPS Version 1.07

 Brandmeister Talk Group Spreadsheet for Import (Sept 28, 2018)