Henry Radio 400 to 512 MHz 2-5 In/200W Out Repeater Amplifier - C200D02R

$ 1,100.00

This item is NEW for Henry. The C200D02R UHF continuous duty repeater power amplifier is rated at 200 watts continuous output with 5 watts drive. It can also be supplied at a drive level between 2 and 5 watts if specified at the time of purchase.  The dimensions are approximately 19 inches long by 6.5 inches rack height by 6 inches deep. The amplifier will be tested and tuned at the Henry amplifier plant to your frequency (select between 400 and 512 mHz).  This model has thermostat controlled fans for conservative cooling.  The amplifier operates from 13.8 VDC power and requires about 50 amps of current at full output. Other configurations for drive power are available.  An optional AC power supply (separate rack panel) is available for $495.  An optional relay ciruit is available configured either for a drop out repeater or a transmit/received base circuit for an added cost of $125. This item will be made to order to your specification and might take 2-3 days to ship.  This is a new item from the Henry Radio Amplifier Factory in Los Angeles, California and carries a one year guaranty. 

  • When ordering please include desired antenna connector (SO239 or N-Type) power input for power output and frequency.