TXRX 100W Mobile Style UHF Duplexer

$ 990.00
At high-band VHF and UHF, the TX RX Vari-Notch® design is the most commonly used. Vari-Notch® provides a low-loss pseudo-bandpass characteristic that can exist very close to a deep notch. Proven low-loss and low-noise construction techniques are used such as welded cavity construction; silver-plated loops, Alballoy®-plated integrated loop plates and connectors; as well as a unique fingerstock-free high-conductivity silver-plated tuning probe. Our cavities are constructed of hardened aluminum which, unlike most copper cavities, resists denting and associated detuning.
Mobile Style Duplexer for our BCR-40U UHF repeater with 100W PA.
  • All high RF-current components silver-plated for highest performance
  • Vari-Notch® design provides low loss and high isolation in a compact package
  • 406-430 MHz, 4.5 MHz Minimum Freq Separation
  • 442-450 MHz, 5.0 Minimum Freq Separation
  • 450-470 MHz, 5.0 Minimum Freq Separation
  • Power Rating 100 W 
  • 80 dB  Isolation
  • 1.2 dB Insertion Loss  
  • 4 Cavities
  • 1.25" x 2" rectangle Cavity Size 
  • 1.3:1  VSWR
  • 50 Impedance 
  • Dimensions: 1.25" x 2" rectangle (See image)
  • 406-430 BNC Type Tx-Rx Port Connectors - N Type on Antenna Port
  • 442-450 N Type Tx-Rx and Antenna Port Connectors 
  • 450-470 BNC Type Tx-Rx Port Connectors - N Type on Antenna Port (28-70-15H)
  • -30 to +60 °C Temperature Range