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HF Radios and Accessories

  • $ 449.99

    Xiegu G90 HF Transceiver

    Portable and Powerful The Xiegu G90— a powerful radio—is the ultimate transceiver for beginning in HF radio. This SDR HF rig is completely jam-pac...

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    $ 449.99
  • $ 119.99

    Multi-Band Endfed HF Antenna

    A True Plug and Play HF Antenna Solution! Our HF antenna is a "HalfWaveEndFed (HWEF) on 40m single wire antenna, which  is a full wave on 20m (20...

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    $ 119.99
  • $ 34.99

    Xiegu CE-19 Data Interface Expansion Card

    Sold out! Will have stock soon !! The CE-19 Expansion Card expands the ACC port of the short-wave transceiver. This is convenient for radio oper...

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    $ 34.99
  • $ 69.99

    Xiegu G90-H1 Cooling Bracket

    The G90-H1 attaches to your G90 and provides a steady stream of air into your machine to keep it operating at an appropriate temperature. The smart...

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    $ 69.99
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    Xiegu G90 Bundle

    Everything in stock and shipping now. Xiegu G90 HF Transceiver $449.99 CE-19 Data Interface Expansion Card$34.99 G90-H1 Cooling Bracket$69.99 Multi...

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    Original price $ 1,020.96
    Current price $ 704.95
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