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AT-D578UV Plus Commercial Mobile Radio (GPS+BT)

Key Features:

  • Cross-Band Repeat - Great for acting as a vehicular repeater
  • Single Frequency Repeater!! - Using two digital time slots, it can function as an SFR (Single Frequency Repeater) - Call us or email for more info!
  • We can program it for you! Programming available, just ask our team!
  • 2-tone/5-tone/DTMF Encode/Decode - Great for FIRE DEPARTMENTS
  • Built-In DMR Repeater Roaming - Search for Repeater Channels in your list while you're driving.  Allows for auto channel steering of the radio!
  • HIGH POWER OUTPUT: 50W (45W UHF), 25W, 10W, 1.0W selectable TX power outputs
  • Air Band Receive - Listen to airplanes and air traffic. 
  • 500,000 User Contact List Capacity - Fit your team in your radio 
  • BlueTooth - Connects to most Bluetooth devices

    Check out the Spec sheet here!

  • Don't forget to grab your Antenna HERE.


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Bad mother board

James Green

AT-D578UV Plus Commercial Mobile Radio (GPS+BT)

James Bailey
Thanks for good service

I was pleased with the service I got from Bridgecom when I had a problem with my Anytone 578 radio. I have the opportunity to frequently recommend radios to new hams, and I have frequently recommended Bridgecom to those hams. Based on the service I received I feel good about recommending Bridgecom.

I think it’s a great mobile

I’ve been using the BTech 6X2 handheld’s and enjoy the similarity with the Anytone D578.


Feature rich radio. A bit expensive for my taste. However, you’re also paying for the incredibly detailed tutorial videos and customer support.

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