AnyTone AT-D878UV

$ 219.99

"I recently purchased the AnyTone AT-D878UV and I love it! I started with a much less expensive DMR radio, but it lacked many of the features on the 878, such as APRS transmit and GPS. The 878 is easy to program with BridgeCom's CPS program, and contains a sizeable memory for channels as well as the DMR contact list. For someone starting out in the world of digital radio, the AnyTone 878UV is a great investment!" - Paul Robinson

The AnyTone AT-D878UV offers:

  • Dual band and Dual mode operation on 144Mhz and 70cm bands with Analog and DMR capability so you can have one radio for everything
  • 4,000 memory channels so you never have to worry about running out of channel space
  • Up to 200,000 digital contacts so you can keep adding contacts as you please
  • FREE step-by-step Beginner to Expert training course (BridgeCom University) that walks you through the entire experience, answering core questions like, “What is DMR and how do I operate on it?” and “How do I program and use my new radio?”
  • Dedicated support team available for questions about your 878UV so that you'll always know how to use your radio.


Customer Reviews

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MJ Jordan
Nice Digital But Lacking On Analog

Nice digital radio and many YouTube videos to help get up and running on the Digital Voice side. However, there is a lack of info on the analog side since there are a ton of analog repeaters out there today. My club nets are on analog repeaters and there is little help on this end. Overall a very nice radio.

Richard Craddock

AnyTone AT-D878UV

Appears to work well.

Seems like a good radio. I am new to Ham radio in the past year. And DMR is not why I got into Hame radio, but it does have my curiosity up. So I thought I would see how I like it. So far I have been just learning the programming and some of the nuances of DMR radio. I'm sure I will like it once I get a little more experience and a little more invested in it. Like all hobbies you can chase yourself into that gear rabbit hole. I like that this is a portable communications that can be used to go around the world with if you so desire to. I still love HF but this is an alternative that has its place in communications too. It would be nice if it were able to directly link to Wifi or a phone hotspot without the added expense of a Skybridge. Right now I'm limited to using a DMR repeater. But am fine with that for now.

Walter Wolny
Too much

This is a great unit. This is my 1st radio purchase since I got my license on 3/1/21. There are a lot of options on it and am slowly learning how to use them.

Gary Cochrun
AnyTone AT-878UV radio.

My computer went out just before I received my radio . I just got a new computer and are trying to get caught up on things with the the help of a fellow ham. Anxious to get things set up and get on the air