BCR-50V (136-174 MHz) VHF Repeater

$ 1,195.00

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

"Our new 2-meter repeater system is up and running, and we LOVE it. Easy to install, really good coverage. Our ARES Group is impressed and very pleased to have such a good system. I would highly recommend BridgeCom to anyone. Very polite, very good service, and great equipment."

-Howard K., BCR-50V Customer


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Customer Reviews

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Keith Cody

sorry I haven't had a chance to open the box.

Ramon Ramos

Good customer focus.

Terry / K4KID
BCR-50V (136-174 MHz) VHF Repeater

This is our local group's second BridgeCom repeater. First one arrived... Plugged it in several months ago, runs 24-7 and it hasn't skipped a beat since. It was literally "PLUG-&-PLAY". Excellent audio. Our coverage is good and the hot receiver seems to help w/ that even in weak signal areas. We were so impressed w/ it that we ordered another one as backup in the event we take a lightning hit or something. Ordered the backup machine from BridgeCom and had it within a week. Service was great when we ordered them. I expect that any future service needs will be handled quickly and competently as well. Two year warranty is a consideration too.


I was a little disappointed in the sales team in answering questions and the lack of response to questions.

I purchased the repeater for our Volunteer Fire Dept. We have a primary communications system. We have a group of HAM’s in the Dept that will supplement the normal communications systems during high traffic emergency periods or if the primary system fails. The BCR-50V fit all of our needs and was very easy to setup and put on the air. I’m extremely happy with the equipment.

Bob Luetzow
Nice, easy to use repeater

Our LCCC Club W6LYC has two BridgeCom repeaters. One is a crossband repeater running low power (4.5 Watts) and the other is a Two Meter repeater operating on a TASMA Coordinated frequency of 147.405 MHz input and 144.950 MHz output at 20 Watts - CTCSS 203.5 Hz. Both repeaters are doing a very good job with no problems. Bob K6ZLU