AnyTone AT-D578UVIIIPRO Tri-Band Amateur DMR Mobile Radio

$ 399.99


Imagine yourself sitting in your Ham Shack, the sturdy handcrafted shack you put your blood, sweat, and tears into creating. On your table lays a regular old dinky handheld. You kick it on to make a QSO and… nothing. There’s nobody there to hear from you. It’s like talking to an empty stadium. And it’s all because you don’t have enough power.

Instead, imagine on your table lies the AnyTone 578UVIII PRO—built with the same level of ingenuity and craftsmanship as you poured into your Ham Shack. You firmly press the flush buttons of the hand mic and transmit. With immense ease and a giant smile on your face, you finally make your first DMR QSO.

How does that sound?


Stress-Free Customer Service and Support

Access to Our Exclusive Facebook Group

BridgeCom University AnyTone Training

Bluetooth Module Built-In and External Bluetooth PPT Key

Handheld Microphone with Number Keyboard

Mobile Mounting Bracket and Assorted Hardware

DC Cable with Fuse

Programming Cable and Programming software download (Windows only)

Spare Fuses

GPS Antenna

Two AnyTone Stickers

1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

W2XAB's Amateur Radio Guide to DMR

KDØPNQ's CodePlug Programming Guide

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 52 reviews
        L.C. in Houston
        Great radio, great service

        Using the 578 as a 2 meter, 440, DMR base station. The CPS and included programming cable make it easy to set up and get on the air quickly. Still learning about all the features and DMR. BridgeCom was fast to respond to my initial inquiry and answered all my questions before I even ordered. Delivery was quick and on time.

        Dale Shaw
        Fantastic radio for the money

        The AnyTone line of radios sold by BridgeCom are great radios. I was brand new into Amateur Radio when I bought my first DMR radio from BridgeCom, the 878UV Plus followed by my first 578UV 3 Pro and today, I'm ordering my second 578 UV 3 Pro. I highly recommend these radios.

        Jim Price
        Great radio, built like a tank

        I won the beginning of summer giveaway. I’m very impressed with the quality of the Anytone radio. Since I got the plug-n-play feature getting on DMR was as easy as turning the radio on and selecting a talk group. Overall a very good experience.

        Darryl Kelly
        I returned this radio for an upgrade

        Did not keep the radio

        Solid Radio

        I 'was" new to DMR. Been licensed since 1977 (I was VERY young). Using the radio is intuitive, but not so much programming. The Bridgecom videos/University make it simple! No doubt I made the right choice purchasing fro Bridgecom.