AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS

$ 259.99

"I am truly impressed with the breadth of features of this radio. Performance on DMR has been superb. Reports have all been excellent and the receive audio is matched in quality. I was able to load a AT-D868 codeplug with just a little modification. With dual-band, analog, GPS, APRS, digital Monitoring and scanning, this will be my EDC radio of choice." - Ken L.

The AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus offers:

  • Dual band and Dual mode operation on 144Mhz and 70cm bands with Analog and DMR capability so you can have one radio for everything
  • Bluetooth capability for hands-free communication in your vehicle, so you can connect to your favorite Bluetooth audio device or hearing aid for added safety and convenience
  • FREE step-by-step Beginner to Expert training course (BridgeCom University) that walks you through the entire experience, answering core questions like, “What is DMR and how do I operate on it?” and “How do I program and use my new radio?”
  • Dedicated support team available for questions about your 878UVII Plus so that you'll always know how to use your radio.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 67 reviews
    Ernesto Escobar
    Great DMR HT

    I got this radio as a give away, as soon it arrived, loaded my codeplug and in minutes I was doing my first QSO with it. Excellent battery life, nice radio, with all the same functionality (apps, gps,etc) of the big brother , the uv878pluss ii. Just a little less contact capacity. I'm very happy with it.

    John Jarvis
    Great radio 878 plus

    I liked it so much I now have the 878-2 plus and the skybridge hot spot plus!

    Charles Lane
    Great Radio!!!!!

    I got this radio as a give away. Since receiving it has become my favorite radio on the go. Had it up and running with in hours after receiving, even with a firmware update. Bottom line..I would buy another in a heart beat if I could!!!!!!

    Gary Meyers
    Just too early to rate

    However, at just after two weeks, I do have my 878+ programmed for analog simplex and some local FM repeaters with putting a mimimal time on learning. Concerning on the radio itself, It's a rock. Best build that I have experienced in my sisty years in the hobby. The screen is outstanding for these old hard to focus eyes. I realize the thrust on this series of radios is DMR. Not mine.
    I wanted a solid radio and that's what I got with the 878. So having said that I always want a challenge and with the DMR features ahead of me I won't be bord. Conn, " I don't like the volume control screen" Too distracting. Some cube pube must have had too much time on his hands for that feature.
    Contact me in six months for the rest of the review.

    C. Hawkins
    I am glad to have the AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS as my first HT

    I am glad that my elmer nudged me towards the AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS HT as it is simple to operate and allows me to grow into the DMR world without having to buy yet another radio. I have been using it for a number of months and have no complaints. It is easy to program on the spot or with the 878 codeplug via my laptop. I live by the thought, if you buy cheap you buy twice. I opted to buy two AT-D878UV PLUS as they are that good. Give one a try and if you like it, buy it. If you do not like it, find what works for you. I have one with the standard 8" rubber duck antenna and the other has a 17.7" whip. 73s