BridgeCom 220 RF PA 5-10W to 100-150W - 2210RN

$ 1,195.00

If you're needing more range out of your 220 Amateur radio repeater, consider adding a BridgeCom 2210RN 100-150W RF Power Amplifier to your system.  This package will take your system to the next level.  Consider the following features:

• Linear all-mode operation with automatic T/R or P.T.T. switching and
adjustable relay delay control. Linear operation allows SSB, FM, or CW
operation with drive power levels usable down to 1/2 watt.

• Receive GaAs FET pre-amplifier option available - factory installed or addable by us at a later date. Preamps use GaAs FET devices rated at .5db with + 18 dbm 3rd-order intercept point. The result is superior weak signal reception with improved strong signal intermod rejection.

• Thermal shutdown protection built-in. Since extended transmission at full power produces temperature build-up in all amplifiers, a thermostatic switch is incorporated to protect the amplifier at temperatures exceeding +65 C.

• Excellent electrical and mechanical construction integrity using the best quality components and workmanship. User-friendly controls are mounted on front panel with all RF and DC cables attached out of sight on rear panel. LED status lights on front continuously monitor the operating state of the unit. All models are manufactured in U.S.A. and carry a factory warranty.

• Designed to ICAS ratings and meets FCC part 97 regulations.