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What DMR Radio is Best for Emergencies? (EMCOMM)

What DMR Radio is Best for Emergencies? (EMCOMM)

In 2020, the United States suffered 22 climate disasters impacting the lives of millions. During these events, amateur radio operators were there to help. Not with vague information, but with loud and clear communication to get people out of danger. Tasked with this duty, having a quality radio is a must.

That’s why we recommend AnyTone radios. In this video, we'll take you through everything you can expect with your AnyTone radio and the key benefits for EMCOMM situations.

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john myers - September 2, 2021

Were do you get the badge with your call sign on your radio I have a 868

Doug Schumann - September 2, 2021

I don’t see how you can rely on a radio that only has two bands. Both of which are short range and rely on repeater’s using the electric grid. Granted some clubs have generators for back up.
Not to mention that DMR radios need the internet to communicate that would also be down in worst case scenario.
Sorry but my opinion on the type of rig is and all band mobile. Now all you need is some coax an end fed dipole and a car battery. But that’s just my thoughts.
Doug S N1SHU

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