The Role Of Radio In Die Hard

The Role Of Radio In Die Hard

Jen Glifort

In July 1988, Die Hard was released in theaters. Although it received mixed reviews at the time, it has quickly become a classic of the action genre. Thirty years and four sequels later (with another in the works), it’s clear that the legacy endures. By now, the films follow a tried-and-true formula, and radio is a crucial part of it...

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If you want to be as cool as Bruce Willis, you need a good handheld to survive those pesky building robberies. These handhelds will perform flawlessly for the situation. 

Anytone AT D868UV Dual-Band DMR Handheld Radio - Dual Band Analog and DMR. 2m and 70cm Band.

BCH-220 Handheld Radio - Single band analog 220mhz/1.25m band

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