It's an Event: What it takes to see BridgeCom at an Event February 08, 2017 12:06 2 Comments

Is it magic, you know when you go to an event and all of your favorite vendors are there. Did they just magically appear? Well no, of course not, so how did they get there and what goes into the event.

BridgeCom Systems goes to several events throughout the year. We have a booth to display our product and answer questions. What goes on behind the scenes to get us there? It begins months before the event.

Once we determine we are going to an event the games begin! Who's the organizer and how do we get a space reserved? How are we getting there, flying or driving?  Let's say we have a space reserved and we are flying. We have to reserve plane tickets, hotel and a rental car.

Next we will get the booth ready to ship. The booth includes banners, table cloth, brochures, pens, even business cards. Also we will ship out product that we may sell, demonstrate or be delivering to a customer in the area. All told it's about 200 pounds we will ship. 
If we are driving it's a little easier. We can load up any booth piece or product into the vehicle and hit the road. No shipping to organize, no planes to catch, just hours of windshield time and good conversation with the BridgeCom Crew.

We normally try to get to an event a day early to set up the booth and see other vendors and acquaintances. This is also where the real work begins. The booth takes about an hour to two hours to set up. Banners are rolled out and put behind the booth, tablecloth on the table, demo BCR Repeater, BCM Mobile, BCH Handheld, BCS Speaker Mic and more are laid out on the table. Literature is placed in its rack and business cards are laid out. Product is unboxed and prepared for display. 

Now it's time to walk around to see who else is attending/displaying. Over there is Alpha Antenna, "hi, Steve." Oh look, Jason at Grapevine and HamRadio 2.0; wave. Even HamRadio 360 is here, I bet they will be doing a live podcast; "hey Cale, Jeremy, George!" MTC is here, Kenwood, Icom, NW Digital Radio, West Mountain, and the list goes on.

The big day has arrived, it's showtime. Dressed in my BridgeCom Shirt, lanyard with my name tag, call sign and adorned with 10 pieces of flare (pins from past events) I'm ready for the masses. The events start with a bang when the doors open. Attendees scurry around like mice looking for cheese. Everyone has their favorite booth or table they hurry to check out, then settle into a pattern to work their way around the event. People ebb and flow with the event session, Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. The booth is busy at times and quiet at times. Hopefully there is enough break for a nature call or two and some food. 

At the end of the day it's time to pack up and go. I usually meet a customer, another vendor or a friend for some food and good conversation. I try to unwind and reload for day two before hitting the hay for some zzzz's.  

When the event ends it's kind of a reverse of setup day. Rolling up banners and tablecloths. Packing boxes and assessing what needs to be replenished before the next event; literature, pens, business cards, product, etc.

It's also time to asses the event; how many attendees, event mood, costs, follow up and so much more. It's really not for about a week or two after an event that it's really over. If we have events back to back it seems like it never ends, but we love it, never a dull moment that way!

So there you have it... what it's like to take BridgeCom Systems on the road to an event. It's a logistical challenge, personnel challenge and the best way to meet you, our customers and fans. Thank you for attending a BridgeCom Systems event and we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Regards (73),