Double Trouble Giveaway Winner Announcement

Double Trouble Giveaway Winner Announcement



Hi everyone, Tanner here from BridgeCom I’m here to announce the big winner or should I say winners of our Double Trouble Giveaway!

Our two lucky winners will each receive An AnyTone 878 Plus Plug and Play Package!

Now, before I announce the big winners, I have a couple announcements.

If you didn’t win the 878 Plus Plug and Play today don’t fret, you can still get it in our store! Just click below!

AnyTone 878 Plus >

Also, tomorrow there will be a special announcement for our next giveaway, so be sure to check your inbox to hear all about it!

Now to announce the BIG winners of the Double Trouble Giveaway…..


If you have more questions about the 878 Plus Plug and Play Package or are curious about getting one for yourself, click the learn more link in the description. As always, Thanks again for watching, 73

Learn More >

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Jim Roberts - November 18, 2020

Video will not play. Who won?

Home - November 18, 2020

Kd20ny not a valid call

Eric P. Russell. - November 18, 2020

Thank you. I guess the video makes it official.

Deacon Daniel James - November 18, 2020

KD ‘20’ NY ?? – how about KD2ONY. BridgeCom does many, many things so well, thus, please try to announce valid ham radio callsigns. To do anything less makes BridgeCom appear very uninformed.

Brett Lamb - November 18, 2020

No Canadian entry !

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