BridgeCom Systems 2m Repeater Giveaway

Complete 2M Repeater Package Giveaway (Over $5000) By BridgeCom Systems.
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Jorge - July 6, 2019

@Stephen don’t get discouraged. There are so many people entering the giveaway that the possibility to win is really low. But keep trying you might get lucky. You might want to keep your license as well. Good luck!

M B Boydston - June 4, 2019

I came back to this page to enter into the drawing. Unfortunately I keep getting a message saying that I’m not a real person without a Facebook account or Instagram or Twitter. That’s fine, I feel real. Maybe that’s why nobody pays me any attention. Puzzling…

Stephen - June 2, 2019

I never win anything, always try but never do. Canceling my FCC license at the end of the year because of this dark cloud hanging over my head. Be nice to win this but doubt I ever will.

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