Make a BridgeCom Repeater a D-Star Repeater June 13, 2015 11:18 1 Comment

Yes... We've successfully interfaced our BCR repeater with a GMSK modem (D-Star)... the DV RPTR V1 and it works great!

Here's a quick road to victory for getting a BCR Repeater going with DSTAR.  Yes... the BCR Repeater works fabulous with DSTAR!

Purchase one of these for each repeater:


I suggest you join the DV RPTR V1 Yahoo group and the ircDDB Gateway group.  From there you can get the files you need.

For your Windows based computer, the files you'll need for doing DSTAR on are:

DVRTR_CDC.inf  -  Windows driver to recognize the DV.

DSTAR repeater software v. 20140521
DSTAR repeater config v. 20140521
DSTAR Remote control v. 20140602
DSTAR IrcDDB Gateway v20140602

For configuring the BCR Repeater to work with the DSTAR modem... On the D-STAR Repeater config, I used the following settings:


Type:  DV-RPTR V1

Config:  (THIS IS KEY)  -
TX Inversion OFF
RX Inversion ON
Channel:  A /FSK POin

Tx Level % -  50
Tx Delay (ms) - 150


Type in your call sign... then use 'C' from the drop down menu.
Gateway:  You're call sign again...

Mode:  Duplex
Ack: Status.

The rest of the stuff is off.

Save this config file and it will be used when you load the DSTAR repeater software and the ircDDB Gateway.

The ircDDB Gateway and the D-Star repeater work together. You'll need to use the ircDDB Gateway when you eventually get the repeater to its final home and it's on the world wide network.