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BridgeCom Systems BCH-220  222 MHz Handheld FM Transceiver - QST Magazine

BridgeCom Systems BCH-220 222 MHz Handheld FM Transceiver - QST Magazine

Reviewed by Rick Palm, K1CE

The BCH-220 handheld 222 MHz (1.25 centimeters) FM transceiver is a product of BridgeCom Systems, a company many readers may not have heard of. Based in Smithville, Missouri, the company was established in 2004, and according to its website, develops and sells communications equipment for the land mobile radio, Amateur Radio, commercial radio, and remote monitoring markets. Its first product was a VHF/UHF FM repeater.

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Analog and DMR Talk Together

Analog and DMR Talk Together

Newsflash: The world is going digital! I know, I know, this is not really a revelation. We all carry around a smartphone, tablet or PC that communicates over digital LTE or Wifi. The two way radio is not much different...

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65 Great Things about Ham Radio by CQ Magazine

65 Great Things about Ham Radio by CQ Magazine

Clearly written by hams for hams. 65 great things about ham radio from CQ Magazine
BridgeCom Systems Booth Ft Wayne Hamfest 2015
1. It works when nothing else does
2. It makes you part of a worldwide community
3. The opportunity to help neighbors by providing public service and emergency communications
4. Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet
5. Some of the smartest people you'll ever meet
6. Some of the most interesting people you'll ever meet
7. Some of the most generous people you'll ever meet (along with some of the cheapest!)
8. Lifelong friendships
9. Friends around the world (including those you haven't met yet)
10. The opportunity to go interesting places you might not otherwise go to
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New 224.800 Repeater On The Air - SEMARA

BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 RepeaterAfter an 8 month absence, the SEMARA Repeater Committee has restored 220 MHz service via our brand new BridgeCom Systems ComLink™ BCR-220 repeater!  The new repeater went live at 9:05 PM on Thursday, July 16, 2015.  Like our 2-meter and 900 MHz repeaters, this repeater resides at our 180-foot tower site and its antenna (temporarily a Comet CX-333 shared with our 2m APRS station) is also atop the tower.  Full technical specifications can be found on our repeaters section.
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The Amateur Amateur: 220

October 2015

The Amateur Amateur: 220

By Gary Ross Hoffman, KB0H

BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 Repeater

BridgeCom BCR-220 1.25m (220 MHz) Repeater

My friend Chuck, N0EIS, tells jokes that are either so corny that I can't believe he has the nerve to say them aloud, or so profound that I'm overwhelmed by his wit and wisdom. He oscillates between lunatic and genius, and much of the time I have no idea what he's talking about. Therefore, whenever he brings up a subject that I actually understand, I pay close attention.

That's how I became interested in the 1.25 meter band (220 MHz). Chuck is always lauding its attributes. He tells me that it works well in the lumps and bumps that constitute the terrain of St. Louis County. Of course, Chuck can get anything to work, whereas I can get just about nothing to work, but I thought I'd give the band a try anyway.

This was several years ago, so as you might imagine, I didn't find much in the way of 1.25m equipment on the market. Ideally, I wanted something like I already had, except with the extra band.

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A Few New Ham Radio Podcasts By K0NR

I'm always looking for new information and resources.  Today I came across K0NR's blog with links to audio podcasts that I really enjoyed.  Please have a read and enjoy like I did! - Tim Listening to podcasts has been part of...

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NEW BridgeCom Systems BCH-220 Handheld Radio

July 14 2015 BridgeCom Systems, Inc Phone: (816)532-8451 E-Mail: Contact: Tim King Introducing the NEW BCH-220 Handheld Radio ______________________________________________________________________________ Bridgecom Systems, Inc is pleased to announce the availability of a 220 MHz Handheld radio to the amateur radio market....

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