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📢 Memorial MEGA Sale LIVE! Check out NEW Bundle Deals with Reduced Prices and SAVE BIG! 📢

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BridgeCom Testimonials

  • Bridgecom BCM-220
    April 29, 2019 Jared Farouki

    Bridgecom BCM-220

    Solidly built single band mobile for 222 MHz bands. Easy to program from the panel and microphone. For the eight channels in use in my region, I did not need the programming cable or software. This unit is used as a base station and replaces a 30 ish year- old Kenwood TM-3530A, which had died again. BCM-220 has great Rx and Tx audio, sensitive receiver, and works well so far. My other option was the TYT TH-9000 single bander. Several of my friends have those and like them, but the very mixed reviews on e-ham and other sites discouraged me from going that route. I have been seeing the Bridgecom ads in QST for quite a while and decided to try this radio out. I think it may be the only one around here, don't know of others yet. I will probably take it to a couple of club meetings to show. Was planning on Elmira Hamfest, as usual, but got sick and stayed home. Heard from friends it was cold, rainy, windy, and under- attended... Too bad... That is the best one around upstate NY these days. 73s
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  • Great Repeater for 2 meters.
    April 29, 2019 Jared Farouki

    Great Repeater for 2 meters.

    Took the repeater out of the box and was surprised at the quality of the construction. Took no time to put it on the air. The reception and transmitter are great. Better than we expected. A great piece of equipment.
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  • Easy Does it
    April 26, 2019 Jared Farouki

    Easy Does it

    We have several makes and models of repeaters out in the field. BCR 50-v by far the easiest to get up and running. We most likely will buy more after we let this one run for a bit.
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  • “..they help you promptly!”
    April 24, 2019 Jared Farouki

    “..they help you promptly!”

    It's a great company! I love there customer service. They are very knowledgeable and if you have any issues with there products they help you promptly!
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