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AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS is a GREAT Radio - Review by Phil W

There are other features that are very much like programming a $7k Motorola commercial radio....

I happened to buy a Yaesu FT3DR around the same time I bought the 878, so I've done a lot of comparisons between them. IMO, the 878 is a much better radio in spite of being less than half the price.....

I'm completely happy with my 878. It feels good in my hand, and the audio quality is excellent....

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Rick De Oreo N5GI AnyTone 878 Plus Testimonial

Rick De Oreo N5GI AnyTone 878 Plus Testimonial

"Wow, thank you again!

My only regret is not engaging with you sooner!

I've been playing with DMR for almost two years, learning by trial and error, which can be fun but sometimes frustrating, course the school of hard knocks can be the best teacher!

I've got TYT handhelds and mobiles and Connect System mobiles, but now that I have the Anytone, this is the first DMR radio I've used that is really geared toward us Hams, and has many of the features the other brands lack...

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